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Why Refurbished Laptops are a Smart Choice for Modern Businesses

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Repairing a laptop

The world is facing the threat of an e-waste tsunami. With 54 million tonnes of e-waste generated annually, much of it from the business world, we can only ignore this problem for so long.

However, a growing generation of businesses and business leaders know they have to do better with sustainability and technology... but don't know where to start.

Most people are guilty of wanting the newest, shiniest object for their work and personal lives. However, there are a myriad of benefits for businesses to look towards sustainable technology and adopt work equipment such as refurbished laptops.

Below we highlight 5 key reasons for your business to purchase refurbished laptops.

1. Easy & Cost-Effective Solution

Adopting sustainable practices in your operations and product is usually complex and costly. Purchasing sustainable tech is different.

For small and growing businesses, budget constraints are a regular concern. By choosing refurbished laptops, companies can save up to 60% on hardware costs compared to purchasing a new laptop.

It's a smart way to obtain high-quality hardware without burning a hole in the budget. Growing businesses need to spend money on many areas of their operations, tech is an excellent opportunity to save money, and with the right partner, it's easy to implement.

Refurbished laptops

2. Environmentally Conscious Choice

Out of the 54 million tonnes of e-waste generated annually, only 17% is properly recycled. There is no quick fix to this problem other than for everyone to make conscious & responsible decisions.

As e-waste is non-biodegradable, it accumulates in the environment and causes a variety of issues:

  • Toxic materials: Computers can contain harmful substances like lead or nickel, which, if not disposed of properly, can affect human health.
  • Water pollution: Poisonous substances from e-waste can seep into groundwater, impacting people, especially in developing nations, and a broad spectrum of wildlife.
  • Soil contamination: Improper disposal can lead to hazardous substances tainting the soil.
Refurbished laptops help combat e-waste

There's also the conservation of resources and the impact that has on climate change. New computers have a large carbon footprint, whereas refurbished computers have an exponentially reduced impact. The manufacture of a brand new computer also uses significant quantities of water, minerals, and energy. By choosing refurbished, companies indirectly conserve these precious resources.

3. The Performance & Flexibility of Refurbished Laptops

As Good as New:

A common misconception is that refurbished laptops are inferior to new ones. However, most refurbished devices undergo rigorous testing and quality checks. You can see the diligence of some of the Klyk engineers in the video below. The expertise is only matched by the love and care as they repair these used laptops.

There are also other options aside from refurbished computers that businesses can purchase. Sustainable hardware also includes excess stock and certified pre-owned:

Excess Stock:

Excess stock is brand new equipment of previous year's models. They've never been used before and still come with increased savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Refurbished laptop alternative - excess stock

Certified Pre-Owned:

Certified pre-owned stock means the manufacturer has refurbished the devices, and they come with the guarantees and original box experience of a brand-new laptop.

Certified pre-owned stock

Purchasing through a B2B provider like Klyk also means you have further guarantees that the technology has met our quality standards, and we're available for support following the purchase.

4. Up-to-date with Current Technology

Software Updates:

Contrary to the belief that older devices lag, refurbished laptops, especially those only a few years old, can support the latest software and operating system. They can be updated regularly, ensuring the device remains secure and compatible with newer applications.


Some refurbished laptop providers, like Klyk, offer the ability to customise specifications based on the needs of the business, including RAM upgrades or SSD replacements. This means companies can tailor their technology to fit specific operational needs without the price tag of bespoke new devices.

5. Supports a Circular Economy

Promoting Sustainable Business Practices:

Businesses using refurbished laptops are leading by example in a world becoming more conscious of its consumption patterns. They're saving costs and showcasing a commitment to responsible and sustainable consumption.

This commitment to sustainability is something that both your customers and employees are placing increasing importance on.

Refurbished computers support a tech circular economy

Fuelling Green Innovation:

As the demand for refurbished laptops increases, it encourages companies to invest in better refurbishment techniques, furthering the growth of a green-tech industry. This not only preserves the environment but also leads to job creation in sustainability.

Resisting Throwaway Culture:

By opting for refurbished laptops, businesses challenge the prevailing throwaway culture, advocating for a world where products are reused and repurposed rather than discarded. When adopted at a corporate level, this mindset can lead to more sustainable business practices in other areas, from office supplies to company vehicles.


Adopting refurbished laptops is more than a passing trend – it's a necessary shift towards sustainable and responsible business practices. While the immediate allure lies in cost savings, the long-term benefits, from environmental conservation to supporting a circular economy and customer perception, make it a decision worth considering.

If you're looking for a partner to help you navigate the sustainable world, book a meeting with one of the Klyk sustainable tech experts through the link. They'll walk you through the prices, options and impact. From Mac to Windows, we'll find the best sustainable laptop for your team.

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