We’re on a mission 👩🏻‍🚀 to help businesses make smarter and more sustainable tech choices.

Small company, big goals 😎

We want to save the planet 🌍 but we need your help to do it🤝! Over the next five years we aim to cut CO2 💨emissions by 1,200 tonnes and reduce e-waste 🔧 by 145 tonnes through our recycling, refurbishment, and repair services as well as our quarterly IT repair cafés.

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B Corporation logo

We're B Corp 🙌!

We believed that if we're going to guide our customers on their sustainability journey🌿, it was important that we led with purpose. Achieving B Corp status 💪 was the endorsement we needed to validate our sustainability credentials and effectively support our community.

Our values

Our brand values are our guiding principles. They are what we refer to in making every decision.

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Human 💁‍♂️

We’re empathetic, smart and proactive partners.

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Reliable 👌

We do what we know is right even when no one is watching.

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Brave 🦸‍♂️

We push boundaries - we are not afraid to be different.

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Sustainable 🌍

We strive to make a positive impact through sustainable technology solutions.

Team Klyk👋

CEO of Klyk Arif Hussein

CEO & Founder

Arif founded Klyk to help bring confidence to
refurbished devices and help businesses to achieve their sustainability goals without it costing the Earth 🌍.

Head Technician at Klyk Vlad

Head Technician

Vlad wears many hats at Klyk 🤹‍♂️. In addition to being our Head Technician, he also manages everything from quality assurance to purchasing and stock control.

Finance Assistant at Klyk Zohra

Finance Assistant

Zohra heads up the Finance side of Klyk.  Have a query 🤔 about your account? Drop her a line!

Account Executive at Klyk Sary

Account Executive

Sary works with clients to make sure all of their sustainable tech ♻️ needs are met.

Repair Technician at Klyk David

Repair Technician

David’s role at Klyk covers the refurbishment of smart devices to maximise their lifespan💪.

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Make your wallet and the planet happier with Klyk.

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