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Sustainable IT solutions for smarter businesses

Save the planet & your pocket

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Sustainable IT made simple

We help businesses adopt sustainable IT solutions, reducing their carbon footprint and sending a powerful message to their employees.

Tech doesn’t need to be complex. Our tech concierge team guides you through the process of choosing high performance devices, pre-configuring them with the apps you use every day, and effortlessly integrating the other IT services you require.

Not only will you be protecting the environment, you’ll also save you up to 60% by joining the circular economy.

How we can help

  • Sustainable Devices

    Browse our range of laptops, phones, accessories & more.

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  • Sustainable Tech Onboarding

    Everything your team needs to be productive from day 1.

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  • IT Services & Support

    Cyber security, MDM & friendly IT support.

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  • Telecoms

    Exclusive business deals on mobile SIMs and fibre broadband.

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Time for change

Electronic waste is the fastest growing category of waste globally, with 54 million tonnes produced every year. If we don’t change our ways fast, the UK will soon be the biggest contributor in Europe. The time for change is now.

Sustainable IT is a simple way your business can significantly reduce its environmental impact. And our monthly sustainability reporting helps you assess the positive impact you’re having.

As a proud B Corp, we love supporting other businesses on their sustainability journey. So let’s get started...

A green success story

What our customers have to say

  • We're incredibly impressed! The service was very quick to set up and covered absolutely everything we needed, from climate friendly technology to IT support.

  • Partnering with Klyk, we aim to simplify access to the digital care management system in the most affordable and sustainable way.

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  • We chose Klyk to limit the environmental impact of buying new technology. Choosing refurbished technology, which can be repurposed at the end of its life, is essential for us in developing a truly circular business model.

  • Fighting waste is a very important goal for us, that's why we chose to get our tech supply from Klyk, as we share the same goal to reduce waste and minimise carbon emissions.

  • We use Klyk for all our tech hardware to keep our environmental impact as low as possible. Klyk are friendly, knowledgeable and always offer a personal service.

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