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  • Beautiful rich sound – less background noise. Apple AirPods Pro are built around the H2 chip, and its algorithms play a massive part in producing vivid audio. It processes sound quickly for higher fidelity audio and works with the custom-built driver and amplifier for crisp, distortion-free music. And with twice the Active Noise Cancellation and Adaptive Transparency, you'll be able to cut out background noise like engines or tools while still focusing on the important things. If only the rest of life was that peaceful.

  • Take control of your music. Spatial audio technology wraps sound all around you so that you're totally immersed, and dynamic head tracking gives you a 3D listening experience - you'll feel like you're at a live gig listening to your favourite bands. In-ward facing microphones check what you're hearing and tweak your audio's frequency to make it personalised and just for you.

    From £143.20