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Protected. Secured. Managed.

Cyber solutions bespoke to your business

Build your cyber resilience

At Klyk, we see cyber as a business enabler and the criticality of demonstrating the business is protected from the threat landscape. This provides confidence to your customers, employees, and investors. As your organisation prepares for growth, cyber must be at the forefront to ensure your assets are protected.

We tailor and deliver our services to your organisational needs.

We take a strategic view of cyber, creating you a bespoke cyber resilience journey to protect your business and brand value.


We tailor and right-size cyber solutions so it's appropriate to build your cyber defence


We define your cyber resilience journey aligned to your business strategy and objectives


We deliver and manage cyber solutions, enabling you to focus on the business


Our team have cyber expertise delivering to multinationals and SME organisations

Cyber Policy

The journey to cyber resilience begins with defining a policy aligned with your business requirements and industry regulations. The policy sets the baseline for technology and cyber in your business, including: acceptable usage, cloud, innovation, device management, information security, and more.

The cyber policy establishes your cyber commitment and sets expectations across third partners. Whilst the policy sets / aligns with your risk appetite, it serves as the catalyst to your cyber resilience journey.

Core Services

Managed Detection & Response

24/7 security monitoring of your systems to uncover suspicious activity, providing the capability to ward off cyber attacks. Combining endpoint, network, cloud and identity protection, your business will be protected against backdoor attempts, malware and suspicious activity. This service provides a solution appropriate to SMEs.

Email Security

Protect your business against advanced phishing threats, including impersonation attacks, targeted phishing and credential theft, supply chain attacks, and internal phishing. Our solutions are continuously learning to detect and remediate threats at the mailbox level, before and after delivery.


Klyk helps you establish your foundational cyber protection, through a strategic roadmap to enable business growth.

  1. 1. Cyber threat & risk assessments

    We perform assessments to define your organisation’s threat landscape, identify the relevant technology and business risks, and define a roadmap to mitigate the risks through establishing the required controls.

  2. 2. Due diligence

    We execute due diligence reviews to identify risks across an organisation / specific division. This is commonly used during M&A transactions, or to guide a new business partnership / venture.

  3. 3. Third-party risk assessments

    We perform assessments across your third-party landscape to determine if your suppliers manage your confidential information in a secure manner. The assessments are tailored on a risk-basis so increased focus is placed on higher-risk third-parties.

  4. 4. Incident response

    We create your incident response plan to prepare you for the potential of a cyber attack or data breach. The plan considers scenarios appropriate to your business and tech environment.

Cyber Tools & Services

Protect your business and stay ahead of potential threats by securing your data.

Vulnerability scanning

Periodic scans of your environment to identify and prioritise vulnerabilities for remediation

Penetration testing

A detailed assessment to determine the robustness and security of your product, website, environment and/or application.

Data loss prevention

Monitor and control data in usage, transit and storage to protect data at different stages of the life cycle.

Access Control

Migrate your organisation to Single Sign-On (SSO) to enhance security and provide improved end-user experience.

Accreditation & Certification

We work with you to achieve globally recognised accreditations to prove your commitment to cyber security and data protection. Some of these are listed below.

Cyber Essentials

We prepare you for the Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus certifications, which establish the industry-recognised approach to protect against common cyber attacks.

ISO 27001

We support your journey to achieving the globally recognised ISO 27001 by defining and establishing your information security management system.


Industry standard in the US, we prepare you to achieve SOC 2 certification through the design and implementation of technical and governance security controls.

Cyber awareness training

We deliver in-person and online training sessions to increase cyber awareness across your organisation, helping everyone understand their responsibilities.