Unbundling is the future.

Set your Sim Free...

Radically Transparent

Radically Transparent

On a bundled phone and SIM deal? Then you’re probably paying for your phone twice. Because the handset cost is built into the price, once you’ve paid that off you go on paying the same amount for the SIM only. We’ve unbundled the phone from the connection so you can see what you’re paying – and, with our deals, how much you’re saving.

Only pay for what you’re using.

Want a new handset? We’ll get you the best and latest phones – and that’s all you’ll need to pay for. Once you’ve paid for it, you stop paying. And if you’re leasing, at the end of the contract we’ll supply you with a new one.

Love your phone? Keep it and save.

We’ve got great SIM-only deals that don’t lock you in to a lengthy contract or force you to buy data you won’t use and features you don’t want. You get to keep your current phone and choose the connection that’s right for you.

Every network, every manufacturer

Saving money doesn’t mean missing out on choice. We work with every UK network and all the big names in tech to bring you the just the right deal.

Cheaper than bundled deals

A Klyk device lease and seperate SIM will be up cheaper than getting a bundled deal from the networks, with savings of up to 20%.

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