Better for your business. Better for our planet

With Klyk, the responsible choice saves you money, not costs you more

Today’s advances in tech are all about the software. Which makes refurbished phones and devices a better bet than ever: one quick upgrade and an older phone will perform as well as a brand new one. We supply the best used devices to help cut the cost to your wallet and to the environment.

Same kit, lower price

With up to 60% off the price of a new phone, choosing refurbished technology gives you the latest kit at the lowest prices. And because they've been preloved, they don't depreciate like new devices.

The as-new guarantee

Every re-used device we supply comes with a one-year warranty, as good as many manufacturers offer from new. So you don’t have to worry about it going wrong, because we’ll get it fixed.

Check and check again

All of our devices go through a 50-point refurbishment process to return them to as-new condition. Anything damaged is repaired. Anything that needs replacing gets replaced.

Re-use and do good

Each device we re-use saves another being made, avoiding the emissions, energy and resources used in manufacturing electronics. Making one iPhone 11 creates 57kg of CO2 and uses increasingly rare materials. Re-use keeps those materials in the ground and stops that gas ending up in the atmosphere.

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