Do more. Spend less.

Flexible, cost-cutting, clever: leasing beats buying.

The simplest way to save money on technology? Lease it. We take care of all the small print and fine detail, leaving you with the technology you need at a low monthly cost. At the end of the contract you can keep it, or swap it for something new and weโ€™ll find it a new home.

Free your money

Buying with cash locks your money into an asset for several years, where it canโ€™t be used. Leasing frees up that money with low monthly payments, so you can use it to make your business more successful, not ours. Itโ€™s tax efficient, too, with savings to be made by offsetting against corporation tax.

Leasing made easy

With Klyk's Eco Lease you lease the kit over two or three years and we lock in a residual value, to guarantee its worth at the end of the term. Our Original Lease means you get to buy the kit at the end of the term. With both you can choose new or refurbished devices, for even greater savings.

Tech for the long term

Because we deal in high-quality equipment, the kit you get from us retains its value โ€“ whether you choose new or re-used. That gives it a second life beyond your time with it, or you can keep it. Whichever you choose, youโ€™ll be helping to reduce e-waste.

Built-in sustainability

There are 40 million unused devices languishing in drawers and cupboards across the UK. Help stop this stockpiling by handing back your kit at the end of the lease, and we'll find it a new home.

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