Four steps to refurbished tech

A closer look at how the refurbishment process works, and why it’s the obvious choice for your tech needs.

Four steps to refurbished tech

A closer look at how the refurbishment process works, and why it’s the obvious choice for your tech needs.

What exactly does 'refurbished' mean?

An important question to answer right off the bat.

A refurbished device is a previously loved device that goes through a rigorous process of diagnostics, reparations, cleaning and sanitising. This gets it ready for its next life. We’ve outlined the process of refurbishing a device so you know exactly what to expect.

Step 1: Comprehensive testing 🔬

Step 1: Comprehensive testing 🔬

We meticulously test all the nuts and bolts of a device during the refurbishment process. This is what we call our 50 point check. We fully test the hardware, firmware and software for faults before generating a comprehensive report.

Step 2: Full refresh 😎

Step 2: Full refresh 😎

Using the report from the comprehensive test as a guide, parts are replaced, the software is updated and we put the device through its paces to make sure it’s ready for the real world.

Step 3:  One year warranty ✅

Step 3: One year warranty ✅

We back the quality of all our tech to the wall. We do this by including our one-year warranty with every Certified Refurbished product. If there are any issues with your device, we’ve got certified technical experts with the know-how to fix them asap.

We work with all the major brands.





Check out our blog

Check out our blog

Discover more about how refurbished technology can help your business become more sustainable and how in that process, it can help make our world more sustainable.

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How we make the process easy for you

1. We listen to you

No business uses tech the same way. So, we kick things off with an initial consultation to nail down exactly how your team currently uses its tech. We then create a personalised plan that will optimise the IT side of your business.

2. We find what you need

Once we’ve done the leg work, we’ll create a quote in clear, plain English that tells you everything you need to know, from the technology you need to what it will cost - no hidden extras, nothing tucked away in the small print. Bonus: we’ll also advise on the best way to create tax efficiencies.

3. We get you working

Need help installing your new kit? Leave it to our expert tech heads. If you’d prefer to do it yourself, then we’ll supply your devices ready to go, preloaded with software. We’ll also transfer phone numbers and make sure everything works, so you can get on with your work.

4. We’re there all the way

A customer is for life, not just until our initial offer runs out. With your own dedicated account manager, life with Klyk couldn’t be easier.