Helping your business achieve its sustainability goals with greener tech🙌.

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Who we are 😁

We’re Klyk, and we help modern businesses avoid the environmental impact 🌱 of buying new technology by providing smarter and greener ways to buy their devices. Klyk are not technology suppliers but partners 🤝. From our initial consultation to understand a business' needs to account management, Klyk provides a genuine, personalised service.

Our team covers a wide range of expertise 🧐 from the best knowledge in tech, to the most cost-effective solutions for your business needs😉.

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What we do 🤓

We support our customers in the adoption of a circular economy business model ♻️ by providing them with quality, refurbished technology (at a fraction of the cost of new), repairing faulty devices and recycling legacy tech - minimising their carbon footprint and electronic waste.

Our support offering includes a dedicated account manager, an always on web-based help desk 👨‍💻 and proactive management to prevent bill shock 😵 or overcharging.

Explore our solutions

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Refurbished tech

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Tech for new starters

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IT recycling

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IT repair

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Mobile phone contracts

Klyk in less than 30 secs

Let’s start making your business more sustainable

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Bespoke service

We kick things off with an initial consultation to nail down exactly how your team currently uses its tech. We then create a personalised plan that will optimise the IT side of your business and assign you a dedicated Account Manager. Bonus: we’ll also advise on the best way to create tax efficiencies.


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No need to worry

Don’t worry about something going wrong with your device. Every refurbished device we supply comes with a guaranteed one-year warranty. If there is an issue with your tech, all you have to do is let us know. We’ll get it sorted.

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Join the movement

You can be a part of a community of businesses that are leading the pack in not just operating more sustainably, but also by using technology more responsibly. E-waste is making a huge impact on our world. It’s time for your business to make one too. Join our movement.

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The circular economy

By choosing refurbished, you’ll be contributing to the circular economy. Take this on as your next corporate social responsibility initiative. Refurbished technology keeps tech in the hands of people - not in drawers and landfills.

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Make your wallet and the planet happier with Klyk.

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