Give your old tech a little R&R 💆‍♀️ before we find it a new home.

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Forget about the green bins ❌

Did you know that the longer a device sits in your drawer, the more it depreciates ⬇️? Stats show that over 40 million devices are sitting in drawers across the UK 😨. Don’t let the next stop for your unused tech be a landfill. Trade in your devices to put it in the 🤲 of another person. This is all part of building a circular economy for technology.

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But how safe is my data 😓?

Want to help the planet by recycling your business’ old devices but unsure about the safety of your corporate data 😱? Don't worry, we’ll wipe your devices using Blancco Drive Erase and produce a comprehensive, digitally signed Certificate of Erasure. This certificate can help your company comply 🤝 with regulations like: ISO 27001, FISMA, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, GLBA, PCI DSS and more.

By trading in your device, 👉 you benefit. Your community benefits👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. Our world 🌎 benefits.

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If you have tech hanging about, then there’s a way you can put money in your pocket and feel good about it.

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We'll collect it

We are currently running our recycling programme in the London area. We will collect your tech and bring it to our technicians for a diagnostic check.

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Test, test, test!

Our expert technicians will look at the nuts and bolts of your device before preparing a report, called a 50 point check. This report will indicate how much your tech is worth.

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Think it over

Think about our offer and determine whether it’s a deal or no deal.

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You get paid

If you accept our offer, you’ll receive payment 30 days later. We then move on to fully refurbishing the device and getting it ready for its next owner.

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Feast It

Learn how Feast It kitted out their growing team with high-quality sustainable tech and saved 2453.81 kg CO2 & 12.95 kg of e-waste in the process.

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Serenity Financial Planning

"Klyk's service accords with our own values around sustainability and we are excited to be part of a circular economy where redundant IT equipment has the opportunity of a new life elsewhere."

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Make your wallet and the planet happier with Klyk.

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