Helping schools 🏫 become more sustainable.

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Greener today for a better tomorrow👶

Now more than ever young people are passionate about saving the planet. We work with schools to help build a more sustainable future by keeping broken devices in the loop and placing refurbished technology in the 🤲 of children and not landfills.

Budget-friendly 💰 tech

Tight budget 😟? No problem. With savings of up to 60%, refurbished technology is the most cost-effective solution for equipping your students and staff with the latest tech. It also frees up money to be reallocated to where it's needed most 💡.

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Klyk has supplied over 300 refurbished laptops and Chromebooks to schools🙌.

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Aberdeen Foyer

Find out how Aberdeen Foyer helped change lives through technology, reduced over 12,000 kg of CO2 and prevented 90 kg of e-waste from going to landfills.

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Lady Fatemah Charitable Trust

"Brilliant customer service and amazing response times. We at the Lady Fatemah Charitable Trust, appreciate all the support we get in sourcing refurbished laptops for the provision of Digital Access to children."

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Make your wallet and the planet happier with Klyk.

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