We’re committed to making a positive impact πŸ™ in our community.

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Paying it forward πŸ‘‰

Being a sustainable business is not just about the environment 🌳. Social sustainability 🀝 is also important to us. Klyk has been honoured to work with many charities to bridge the digital divide for disadvantaged children, asylum seekers and refugees.

Our pledge πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

We pledge to dedicate a further 300 hours ⏰ annually to supporting our charitable partners. We aim to do this by donating tech πŸ’», as well as repairing devices to give them a new lease of life.

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We believe in social sustainability. We work with several charity partners to help bridge the digital divide 🀲.

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Lady Fatemah Charitable Trust

LFT’s GiveIT programme helped to close the digital divide in the UK whilst also helping to reduce 23,789.48 kg of carbon emissions and 185.34 kg of e-waste.

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Lady Fatemah Charitable Trust

"Thank you KLYK, we love your commitment to Social Responsibility, and helping organisations like ours to do get better value for money from our purchases of Digital Equipment."

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Make your wallet and the planet happier with Klyk.

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