Meet our customers


Nest is an incubator and venture capital fund with offices in Hong Kong, Nairobi, Bangkok and Bahrain. When the soon-to-be-opened London branch needed help sourcing technology for its new team, they came to us.

What did they need?
With an expanding team, Candy Kittens were looking for more equipment to keep their people connected. Jamie and his team wanted new machines, and a way of buying technology that’s sustainable and saves money really appealed, so we got to work.

What did they get?
We recommended the Klyk Three Year Eco Lease, which got them the kit they needed for a low monthly cost, without the need for a big capital investment. That meant Candy Kittens could invest their money into the business rather than spending it on new devices, which would then depreciate. They chose a 27-inch iMac, three 13-inch Macbook Pros and seven of Apple’s Magic Keyboards and Magic Mice.

What did they save?
Our Three Year Eco Lease saves Candy Kittens money by spreading the cost over three years, and by choosing to offset with a Eco Lease they saved 337kg of CO2.

And because we’ll refurbish the devices and sell them on when the lease is up, Candy Kittens has helped to save them from the scrap heap.