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Feast It

Feast It is the UK's leading event booking platform for multiple supplier types. The platform allows you to choose from a carefully curated list of over 1,000 of the UK's best suppliers - both independent small businesses and household names - and book within a few clicks. When they need to upgrade their fleet of MacBooks they came to us!

“Klyk is fantastic. They helped the team with high-quality, cost-effective tech supplies, and were a pleasure to deal with. The fact that they provide sustainable tech makes everything even better. Would recommend!”

Yousif Oghanna - Head of Finance at Feast It

What did they need?
They needed to upgrade their fleet of MacBook Air to more powerful MacBook Pros so their team, working for home, could work effectively. They wanted to keep costs down and also chose a more sustainable option.

What did they get?
We suggested going for 2018 models for the upgrade and also trading in their existing MacBook Airs to boost their budget and allow us to find them a good "second-life" home. This saving even allowed Feast it to upgrade to 15” MacBook Pros! They bought 5 refurbished MacBooks and traded in 7 MacBook Airs.
What did they save?