That working from home frustration

by Rasheeda Russell on Jun 07, 2022

laptop on white desk with plants and lamp

Working from home is the biggest trend of 2020, there are many benefits, from more time spent with family to less time (and pollution) from the daily commute.

But how many of us have been frustrated by IT that just doesn't work anymore? Are you thinking of upgrading your current laptop as it is just too slow? Before you do we may be able to help bring your device back to life! Not only saving you money but also helping to reduce e-waste too.

At Klyk we want to help to reduce the culture of throwing away the old and buying new everytime we think our tech might not be up to scratch.

Did you know that even the oldest laptops can be brought back to life with two simple changes?

Upgrading your Hard Disk to an SSD and a simple upgrade of RAM!

The first one is a change of Hard Disk. Many old laptops (and cheaper laptops) have “old school” Hard Disks (HDD) that spins to store and access your data, as this is a physical action that has its limits.

The new types of hard disks are called Solid State Drives or SSD. As the name suggests, there is no physical action to store your data. The speed difference is significant. Copying a 20 GB movie takes less than 10 seconds with an SSD, while a hard disk would need at least two minutes.

The upgrade is also inexpensive. A 500GB SSD disk will set you back only £50-£100. The more techy of you can do this yourselves or get in touch with Klyk to help bring your laptop back to life.

The second easy fix is an upgrade of RAM (Random Access Memory). This is the temporary memory that your laptop uses to store data while carrying processes. If you find that you have a lot of applications and browser tabs open, and your laptop is struggling you need an upgrade to your RAM.

Your laptop will have a spare memory slot or your old RAM can be taken out and replaced. An upgrade to a 8GB RAM chip can cost as little as £40. Again, for the more techy you can do this yourself and if not Klyk can do this for you.

So, next time you are tempted to throw away your laptop and buy a new one, get in touch with us first. A simple upgrade might give your laptop a new lease of life.

Of course we can always buy back your old laptop, upgrade the RAM and SSD ourselves, and find it a good second life home! If you really need to buy a new one, have you considered leasing?

Here are some articles about why you should lease and Klyk eco-leasing, it gives you a way to buy new but also make sure your tech is recycled at the End of Life.

If you want to find out if your laptop can be brought back to life email us at