Meet the Klyk Team - Rasheeda

by Rasheeda Russell on Jun 07, 2022

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This month we’re launching a new series to introduce members of the Klyk team. First up, is our Marketing Manager, Rasheeda.
Get to know her, through these ‘super professional’ and not at all personal interview questions! 😬

So, what did you have for breakfast this morning? 👀

Overnight oats with homemade almond milk! Extremely boring I know, but I balanced it out with an unhealthy hot chocolate from Caffé Nero.

Ok. You redeemed yourself there. Book or podcast on your journey work?

It honestly depends on my mood and if the train is packed. This morning was a book morning and I’m currently reading “The Egyptian Book of the Dead”.🧐

Why did you decide to join our kick a*s team? 😎
As I’ve gotten older, I’ve placed greater emphasis on working for companies that is making a positive impact on society. I’ve moved within the B2B sustainability🌱 space for the past 4 years with roles in environmental compliance to ethical fashion. 

Klyk fit the bill 😁 with its commitment to supporting companies in their transition to a circular business model through tech, reducing e-waste and minimising their carbon footprint resonated with me. Plus, startups are fun and challenging – no two days are the same!

You know you already have the job, right? Now, tell us something that recently made you smile?

We recently received positive feedback on devices sent out to a new customer who was initially sceptical about refurbished tech 💪. It’s a pretty good feeling when we’re able to change someone’s perception on refurbished devices. Refurbished doesn’t mean broken AND it’s better for the environment.

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Do you collect anything? PG answers only please🤪
Yup! I'm currently growing my headwrap collection. I love ankara prints and I'm on a mission to get a wrap in every colour😍.

We’re ending on a tough question. If you could have the power of teleportation right now, where would you go and why?🤔

Ghana. Hands down. It’s gorgeous and there are historical ties there with my home country Barbados that I’d like to explore.

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For any marketing, media or partnership queries feel free to drop a line to Rasheeda at