I’m dreaming of a green Christmas

by Rasheeda Russell on Jun 07, 2022

phone and keyboard on green table with christmas decorations

The temperature has dropped and Mariah Carey has awakened from her yearly slumber – this can only mean one thing, it’s almost Christmas!

The festive season is usually a time of excess - lots of food, drinks and gifts! And honestly after the year we’ve had, who can be mad at a bit of indulgence? But with millions being spent each year on electronics like phones and laptops, the UK is facing an ever growing e-waste mountain due to unwanted devices not being recycled. Instead they’re binned or stored along with all their precious metals and critical minerals (which is no good for anyone).

So to help you have your Yule Log and eat it too this season, we’ve come up with three easy ways to make your white Christmas a bit greener this year.

1. Tech as good as new 💪
We know laptops, iPads and mobile phones may be in need of an upgrade at this point. Between home-schooling and remote working, many a device and patience have been tested over the past 22 months with a countless number of tumbles, scratches, and spills.

When it comes to gift giving (whether to others or yourself), we suggest reaching for a refurbished device rather than going for something new. Not only will your wallet thank you but the environment too. Did you know that buying a refurbished laptop can save up to 300kg of carbon emissions from being emitted into the atmosphere?

plane with text 300kg of carbon emissions  = a boeing 747 flying for 128 hours

Now to the elephant in the room 🐘 - the widely held belief that refurbished technology is unreliable. At Klyk, our refurbished devices go through a rigorous 50-point check testing and repair process. They also come with a one-year warranty which means that you’re protected longer than some of your other Christmas gifts may last 👀. Additionally, reputable companies will always indicate the grade of the refurbished tech they’re selling (from as good as new to fair) to give you an idea of their condition. We suggest you read our [handy guide on buying refurbished devices]( for more information.

2. Pass it on 💻➡️💻
Congrats on choosing a refurbished device, your kid/niece/nephew/bestie/partner won’t be able to tell the difference. Now the question is, what do you do with the old tech? A recent research study found that four in ten Brits have a stockpile of three or more devices while Gen Z were guilty of hoarding almost double.😱 Our phones and laptops have important metals and minerals like copper, nickel and cobalt. The demand for these materials unfortunately significantly outweighs their supply, so it’s necessary for them to be reintroduced to the supply chain via recycling.

Worried about data security? Charities like the Restart Project erase personal data on all donated devices.

For businesses interested in recycling their old tech, Klyk runs a convenient service through our Recycle & Reuse Programme. We collect corporate devices, run a comprehensive check, make an offer and wipe them using Blancco Drive Eraser. Job done!

3. Batteries included♻️
Have kids in your life? Chances are they’ll receive headache, inducing presents from ‘well-meaning’ aunts and uncles over the holidays. Our experience says these battery-powered nightmares won’t survive the 12 days of Christmas, but they will leave quite a few double and triple A batteries in their wake. Don’t bin them!

Though small in size, batteries are made of very powerful materials that pack a punch when crushed or punctured. When tossed in with the rubbish, batteries end up in recycling facilities where they’re likely to be damaged, cause fires or leak nasty chemicals into the earth. To avoid this, take your batteries to your nearest recycling point in the new year.

BONUS: We have great chemis-tree🎄
We know, we said three e-waste tips but 'tis the season and nothing says Christmas like Christmas trees.

Unfortunately, we’ve come to realise that Christmas trees are not very sustainable. Each year thousands of trees (that take almost a decade to grow) are cut down, sold and thrown away around the festive season. Even their plastic counterparts aren’t environmentally friendly, as they aren’t recyclable and usually end up in landfill after a few years.

We’ve stumbled across an amazing new trend - Christmas tree rental! Quite a few farms in the UK are now offering customers the chance to rent their fir over the holiday period and return it in the new year. Follow the care instructions and your tree will live to see another Christmas!

We really hope you enjoyed these sustainability tips. We wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season!

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