Debunking the refurbished tech myth and why it’s good for business

by Rasheeda Russell on Jun 07, 2022

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When we think of refurbished laptops or smartphones, the word “used” comes to mind and along with it the worries about things going wrong. Let’s debunk this myth once and for all. Both used and refurbished tech are not brand-new-from-factory devices. But there is a major difference between the two.

Used vs Refurbished

When you are buying used tech, it may or may not be defective. Usually used technology is offered as it is, without prior quality check, examination or repair by technicians. Refurbished tech has gone through a rigorous process of diagnostics, cleaning and repairing. To make sure it’s functioning properly, some of the parts may also have been replaced. Essentially, when you buy a refurbished tech device, you are getting the same functionality as a new one because it has been tested and verified.

We break down the step by step of the refurbishment process here. With such a thorough check and test process, it may come with a warranty just like the new one. There are several things you need to consider when buying refurbished though, such as the device warranty and the “grade” of the tech device. We discuss the matter in more detail here.

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Why refurbished tech is good for business

Now that we clear that out of the way, let’s talk business. Tech is one of the most common business startup costs. Decisions need to be made early and you need to choose the best specs. Buying refurbished business laptops or other business hardware from a reliable supplier is a good alternative to buying new ones. It enables you to buy a trusted brand at a fraction of the cost and also allows you to be carbon conscious.

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100% functional + 60% more economical

Doing business has a lot to do with numbers. Especially in the beginning, every expense needs to be calculated carefully and see how it impacts your business finances. By investing in refurbished tech to kit out your team, you get the most suitable tech device to support your business needs and save up to 60% compared to buying new.

Refurbished tech is cheaper because you are not paying the depreciation cost. Someone else had to bear the cost when they bought the device as new, so you don’t have to. Plus, high-quality products like a refurbished MacBook Pro can hold their value for longer. So set aside that money to reinvest back into your business!

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Triple, Thirty, Tree

Sustainability has been an important aspect to consider when doing business. Are you familiar with the Triple Bottom Line? It allows businesses to assess the profits they are making through their corporate sustainability solutions. It asks you to see beyond the bottom line of business to the profits that your business makes to people and the planet. Measuring your business this way allows you to assess how sustainable and how profitable it really is.

people planet profit venn diagram

Buying refurbished is a simple solution to be a more sustainable business, as you help to reduce the environmental impact of your tech consumption by more than 30%. Did you know how much does your Apple device cost the earth?

To give you an example, the total carbon emission for a 13-inch Apple refurbished MacBook Pro is 22.52 KG CO2, whereas the new one “cost” the earth 244.1 KG CO2! Can you image how many trees you can help save?

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Refurbished tech is not the same as used tech because they have gone through careful inspections and comes with a warranty. It makes business sense to buy refurbished tech the next time you are kitting out your team, as it is good for your pocket and good for the planet!

If you get your refurbished tech supply from Klyk, we provide a monthly Sustainability Report that shows how much carbon emissions you have saved and the amount of e-waste you have reduced - this can be used to support your B-Corp application too.

Curious about how fellow entrepreneurs have benefited from implementing refurbished technology in their business? Feel free to klyk on our case study page. They have saved tonnes of CO2 and thousands of ££!