6 ways we can help you implement a sustainable IT programme

by Rasheeda Russell on Jun 07, 2022

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A new report released by Capgemini concludes that implementing a sustainable IT programme in your business directly increases Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores (61%), boosts customer satisfaction (56%) and also increases tax savings (44%). Yet only 6% of organisations have implemented mature sustainable IT practices. Moreover, 57% of respondents involved in this study don’t know their business’ IT environmental footprint and only 34% understand that production of new laptops and mobile phones has a higher carbon footprint than using them over their lifetime.

See IT from a fresh perspective

The easiest way to implement a sustainable IT programme and minimise your business’ carbon footprint is by **rethinking how you purchase your business IT and by choosing the right partner**. Did you know that the supply chain is causing 90% of a company’s environmental impact? By looking closer at your IT supply chain, such as the types of equipment you buy, you can reduce a significant amount of carbon emissions.

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Let’s start by looking closely at how we operate our business. It’s one thing to say we are a sustainable supplier, but we’d rather show you how we practice what we preach.
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Based on this carefully-designed service structure, here are 6 ways we can help you implement a sustainable IT programme in your business.

1. Power your business with high-quality sustainable tech

As we offer bespoke tech packages for our clients, having several stock streams is important so we can cater to various requirements. We pay particular attention to where we source all the inputs to our supply chain to keep our business operations as circular as possible without compromising on quality. We do this by getting stock from our tried-and-trusted suppliers or buying back other businesses’ current technology devices. Because most of a device’s carbon emissions were generated when they are first produced, repurposing existing techies is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Once in our supply chain, our in-house tech experts perform a final quality assessment and begin the rigorous refurbishment process to make sure all the tech coming out of our workshop is fully functional and ready to use. When it comes to implementing a sustainable IT programme in your business, what you can do today is to think about the next time you need to kit out your team. Is it really necessary to source brand-new tech, or would like-new ones do just fine?

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2. Give you the flexibility when purchasing IT equipment

There are multiple types of tech devices and financing options available when you are thinking of buying from Klyk. Buying refurbished helps you save over 30% of carbon emissions and reduce electronic waste. However, we understand that sometimes there are certain business needs that require specific tech specs and refurbished devices are not always readily available. Therefore, you can also Eco-Lease new tech devices. By the end of the lease, you get to return your current equipment to us and upgrade to a newer model.

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3. Remove the perceived risks from buying refurbished

There is a stigma around buying refurbished tech, such as whether it will work properly or not. We want to mitigate this risk by giving a one-year warranty for every tech product you buy from Klyk.

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4. Do good through technology

Our operation cycle was designed to benefit as many stakeholders as possible. Other than businesses, we are also passionate about helping to close the digital divide in the UK. There are millions of people that don’t get access to technology devices; we aim to help provide these much-needed supplies to charities and schools. We would love for you to join us, too. Whether you have a CSR programme in place or are looking for a partner to help you kickstart one, we’d love to hear from you. Environmental and social sustainability goes hand in hand, don’t you think?

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5. Take away your pain points

Did we also mention how much you can also save to reinvest into your business? On top of CO2 savings, we can price-match e-commerce sites such as Amazon and help you save time. No more worrying about the hassle of sourcing devices every time you need them. For example, our friends at Oddbox were looking for a sustainable supplier that could help to provide their continuously growing team with high-quality tech so they didn’t have to buy from an e-commerce site every time a new member joins. We helped them with our convenient, greener solutions.

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6. Keep your tech in the loop

We believe in doing more and consuming less. Whether you buy your current tech from us or not, we want to make sure your IT equipment stays in the loop as long as it possibly can. If it’s still functional but needs fine tuning or repair, our in-house tech experts are ready to fix any issues you may have. If it’s already at the end of life, we can use the parts for refurbishment or recycle them with help from our recycling partners.

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A well-developed, sustainability-focused IT programme has shown significant positive results in businesses. The easiest way to go about this is by redefining your IT supply chain and choosing the right partner that can support your sustainability journey from start to finish.

We are offering a free consultation with a member of our team to provide you with guidance on sustainable IT practices based on your business tech behaviour and needs. Klyk the contact button below and we'll be in touch. So, talk soon?

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