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Humphreys Law

by Rasheeda Russell on Jul 07, 2022

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Humphreys Law

Humphreys Law is a law firm specialising in technology, media and corporate deals. They work with companies of all sizes and investors of every kind on high-stakes transactions and complex projects.

What did they need?
Henry Humphreys needed new devices for his growing team, which looked professional and were fully portable. He’d been planning on buying one new Microsoft Surface Pro but the idea of refurbished kit, with its lower costs and reduced environmental impact, appealed more.

What did they get?
After we talked to Henry and his team to find out what they really needed, and discussed the available options, Henry cancelled his existing order with another provider for the new Surface Pro. He bought four refurbished ones from Klyk instead, complete with docking stations and keyboard covers.
Data security matters to all companies, and particularly lawyers, so all of our refurbished kit comes wiped clean, with a new operating system installed. Each Surface Pro was registered with Microsoft, allowing Humphreys Law to operate them as managed devices for improved security.

What did they save?
By choosing refurbished devices, Humphreys Law saved:

£1,476.67 compared to buying new (and we gave them £350 for their old devices.)

580kg of CO2. Buying new would have created 811kg of CO2 in manufacturing them, while the refurbished devices in-life use are responsible for 231kg. That’s a saving of 61%.

We took away Henry’s old devices and sent them off to be refurbished, so they didn’t end up in landfill or being inefficiently recycled.