Case studies


by Rasheeda Russell on Jul 07, 2022

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BIOHM is a multi award-winning bio-manufacturing company that focuses on creating a sustainable built-environment. With their goal to eliminate the concept of waste and their commitment to the circular economy, Biohm chose Klyk to make sure their business tech was bought in the most sustainable way.

Aaron Jones of BIOHM
"At BIOHM, we chose Klyk to limit the environmental impact of buying new technology. Refurbishing technology, which can then be repurposed at the end of its life, is essential to developing a truly circular business model and we were delighted to partner with Klyk to make this possible."

Aaron Jones - Development Manager at BIOHM


What did they need?
They needed new tech to kit out their team of experts. As a company with the circular economy in mind, BIOHM chose Klyk's refurbished offering to help supply their business tech instead of buying new.

What did they get?
After discussing their business tech needs with the team, Klyk helped secure 13 HP laptops, 12 monitors and 12 keyboards for BIOHM.

What did they save?

BIOHM CO2 and e-waste savings